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HBO’S The Third Day: Know More About Miniseries

All about the series, The Third Day!

Well, okay, okay, here we have a new HBO tower titled the next third day. The show is written by Denis Kelly and is more than just a drama and suspense genre. The third day is led by Mark Mundon and Philip Lothorpe.

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The list of cast members for this upcoming drama is as follows:

  • Jude Law Will play the role of Sam
  • Paddy Considine will enact the part of Mr. Martin
  • Katherine Waterson will enact the role of if jess
  • Emily Watson will be Mrs. Martin
  • John Dagleish will do the character of Larry
  • Naomie Harris Will Perform the role of Larry
  • Freya Allan will be kail
  • Greg Draven

The third day is made up of Cristobal Tapia de Veer and his executive producers Dennis Kelly, Adrian Sturge, and Felix Barrett.

The series portrays a solo journey of a man and a woman who arrive on a mysterious island at a completely different time. The show will tell its full story in just six episodes with two separate stops. Sam is seen in Mark Summer, directed by Mark Mundon, a man drawn to a strange island off the British coast, where he meets people who are willing to uphold their traditions at any cost. Hey?

The show’s official site also announced that actor Jude Law would be cast in the lead role. The first three episodes were directed by Mark Mundon, who was hired for the job. Dennis Kelly authored the entire script for The Third Show. Later in July, Catherine Waterstone, Paddy Considine, and Emily Watson joined the cast.

The series is developing tremendously, dropping the first trailer all the way back in March this year. As the paranoia escalates it certainly seems like the perfect time to bring this series to viewers, especially as HBO seems to have its finger on the pulse of current events. The Emmy nominations for their recent forestry of the “Watchmen” world were not, but a ton of thought about how he predicted and drew historically from certain current events.

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