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HBO Max Is Developing Harry Potter Shows, Deets Inside

Harry Potter is a chain of 7 fable novels written via way of means of British creator JK Rowling. The novel chronicles the lives of a more youthful wizard, Harry Potter, and his buddies Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are college students on the Hogwarts School of Warcraft and The predominant tale arc issues Harry’s combat in opposition to Harry Voldemort, a darkish wizard who intends to emerge as immortal, overthrow a wizard referred to as the Ministry of Magic, and all wizards and Muggles (non-magical  

HBO Max is developing Harry Potter Shows:

This is a no-brainer on WB’s part, as any potential outing to the small screen in the world of Harry Potter is almost certain to generate large numbers and a subsequent surge in subscribers. The Fantastic Beasts by-product might also additionally already be strolling out of steam, however, if dealt with correctly, many suggests set in the Wizarding World have nearly limitless potential in the mining source material for future adventures.

Website offers $1,000 for someone to watch all 10 'Harry Potter' movies - Insider
Source: Insider

However, Warner Bros. is still unable to officially announce the plans due to contract negotiations. According to a Grace Randolph scoop on Twitter, NBCUniversal owns the broadcast rights to the franchise until 2024. However, Warner Bros. clearly has its eyes on the award and is “trying to close a deal to finish sooner.”

However, the report stated that the show was not produced until the end of the Fantastic Beast franchise:

The third Harry Potter spinoff movie is in the middle of filming preparations. It’s a tentative theatrical release date of November 2024. The original production date was set for March 2024, but then the epidemic struck.

Speaking to TV Guide, the actor said that there are many book stories that are ripe for a television format. Radcliffe also suggested a TV show about Mauritius: Gryffindor Pal Remus Lupine, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter.

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