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Hannibal: Reportedly Netflix Has Done Some Modifications To The Series

Fans were overjoyed to know that streaming giant Netflix has decided to bring back our notorious cannibal genius, Dr. Hannibal Lecter! Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal will be available on the streaming service with all the three seasons. However, there might be some additional change that might have surprised fans, let us take a look at these changes and how fans are reacting.

All The Three Seasons Of Hannibal Is Available On Netflix Along With Some Changes!

However, while the network NBC where the show was originally aired and the Amazon Prime where the show was initially available has gone with the darker versions of the episodes, it seems like Netflix might have done some changes that caught the eyes of fans soon enough. Fans surely have appreciated this change and talked about it at length.

Fans Can Relive The Madness Once Again On The Streaming Service!

Apparently, Netflix has not only increases the brightness this making the gruesome scenes a little less scary to watch. The streaming giant has also added subtitles as well. With better lighting, the show has been easier to view and fans are surely thankful enough. Take a look at this Twitter post and what fans have to say about this rather positive change that Netflix included.

The show was majorly missed by fans after it was canceled by the original network after the third season. However, Netflix was the first big streaming service that has shown interest in reviving the show for season 4. However, the show did struggle to keep up with a good rating by the end of the shown. Low ratings might have made the network cancel the show even before solving all the cliffhangers left behind.

Is Hannibal Season 4 Going Be Renewed Under The Netflix Banner?

Moreover, While the scriptwriter has asked for a bit of time to one down season 4, so it seems like the fourth season is still a long way to go. Fans might see Clarice Starling making an appearance if season 4 is happening anytime sooner. That’s still a big project which is not on the table at this point.

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