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Hannibal: Fans Demand Season 4! Here’s What We Know

The iconic character Dr. Hannibal Lecter appeared on Netflix for fans to binge-watch all his not so normal jokes once again. Netflix revived the show with the existing three-seasons, and it was a great chance to remove those moments. However, now after this sudden inclusion of the series, fans are questioning whether another season is coming sooner?

Is Netflix Going To Revive Crime Drama Series Hannibal For Season4?

While fans were happy when Netflix includes the series in their streaming collection after it was abruptly canceled by the first network, Netflix has not renewed the series for any other season, which would cheer fans up!

Creator Fuller Has Some Great Plans For The Series If Renewed!

Fans are hopeful if the series for revived and renewed for season 4 as well. The show had quite a good fanbase for itself, and while it was canceled after the third season, it was always hoped that the fourth season would return soon enough. Netflix has also made some changes by increasing the brightness and adding subtitles for which fans are surely thankful for.

While fans are quite curious about the fourth season since the show moved to the streaming service, creator Bryan Fuller had some elaborate plans about the fourth season that will reportedly unpack the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter even further. That is something that Fuller has ranked about and is interesting to explore. A very important character has yet not made her appearance, which might be possible in season 4!

Will Clarice Starling Be Included In The Season 4 Of The Series?

Moreover, the creator has also talked about a very pivotal character’s inclusion in the show if it moves by further. That would be Clarice Starling. Fans are hopeful as Fuller has tweeted that he is pretty on board with the show going further and even the cast members are as excited as well. CBS announces in January that they have some plans of a solo show which will focus on Clarice as the protagonist following the actual story. That will be an interesting crime series to watch.

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