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Hagen Mills Found Dead In Attempted Murder-Suicide At The Age of 29

Hagen Mils Death

Hagen Mills has allegedly died in an attempted Murder-Suicide. Mills, who was 29-Years-old died in the incident in which he also shot and wounded Erica Price, the mother of his 4-year-old daughter.

Mayfield Police Department in Kentucky also believes an attempted murder-suicide took place. They reacted to a call on Tuesday even and met Price at the house.

Price, 34, was found with gunshot injuries to her arm and chest. She told the officers Mills was still inside and had turned the gun on himself.

Price’s Mother And Daughter Unharmed

Authorities state that Mills allegedly held Price’s mother and his daughter inside until she returned home when he shot at her. Both Price’s mother and daughter are unharmed. Mills was declared dead at the scene.

Police Officers reacted to a 911 call shortly after 5:45 p.m. Tuesday informing that a woman had been shot at a residence on South 10th Street in Mayfield.

Price Told The Cops

When police arrived, they were met outside the house of Erica Price, age 34 of Mayfield, with gunshot injuries to her arm and chest. Price was completely fine to tell Officers that Hagen Mills was still inside, and had turned the gun on himself.

Through examination, it was discovered that Price’s mother and young daughter, whom she shared in common with Mills, were held in the house by Mills until Price returned home. When Price took the passage through the residence, she was shot by Mills, before he turned the gun on himself. Price’s mother and daughter were not found injured during the incident.

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