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Gigi Hadid Reveals Baby Bump! Fans Excited!

Gigi Hadid made her fans day by showing her cute baby belly all grown up. Finally, Gigi Hadid has revealed her baby bump on her Instagram for her fans and well-wishers. In the time of Pandemic, when everyone is in a mood of tension and stress, Gigi covered all the attention toward herself.

The American supermodel Gigi Hadid who previously in April, announced that she has been pregnant with singer Zayn Malik’s child. She took her Instagram account to show her growing baby belly after three months of her announcement.

When did she show her babu bump to fans?

Gigi Hadid reveals why she is secretive about her pregnancy as she ...
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On 15 July, she went live on her Instagram to shower the blessing of her upcoming child. Gigi turned a site and showed her baby belly in which she carrying the child of Zyan Malik. She also told me that she was not hiding her baby bump before, but she thinks that there are more important things that are going in the world than her baby bump.

This was the reason she was keeping it hidden from the public. She also mentioned about the lives which have been lost due to coronavirus in this whole scenario of the Pandemic.

What’s more, she has to share with the fans?

There was also other exciting news for Diva fans. While she may not have been very active on social media during this time, Gigi said she’s documenting everything, and she’s open to sharing the latest! She said that she is trying to document everything, and she will make sure that everyone could see and don’t miss it, and I’ll share things like that in the future. I will. I’m in no rush to do it. And I think I want to experience it right now and I don’t want to.

Gigi also gave a message to all her supporters, saying, “I love you all, and I appreciate your positive messages. I am spending my time sharing my pregnancy, and you people will see it when you see it.”

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