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Friends: Why Did The SitCom End? This Was The Reason

Friends ended in 2004 after ten seasons, and as it was a very successful series and is considered one of the best films ever made, it came as a surprise to some to see the series come to an end. It was here, and here’s why it really ended after season 10. Produced by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, Friends made their NBC debut in 1994 and quickly became popular for how reliable they were for their voice and their characters.

Season 10, each main cast was making $ 1 million per episode,

The friends followed the many ups and downs of a group of six friends who lived in New York City and did their best to get through adulthood and all that came with it. Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Ross, along with their many witty catchphrases, are now a huge part of pop culture, and the series was also hugely important to the accomplishments behind it, becoming the first as a group. TV cast to negotiate for everyone to earn the same salary. By season 10, each main cast was making $ 1 million per episode, making Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Kourtney Cox the highest-paid television actresses.

With this in mind, with the success and popularity of the series, it seems somewhat strange that Friends expired after season 10 (while some feel it was the right thing to do). Crane and Kauffman once shared that they would not have gone through another season of Friends, even though all the cast members were keen to do so, as they prepared season 10 in such a way that it closed the character arcs.

Jennifer Aniston hardly returned for Friends

It’s also possible that Friends became unstable in terms of production costs, as the cast was already getting a bigger check that would likely increase with more seasons. Another possible reason is changing trends on television, with sitcoms becoming less popular as the drama series began to take over. Of course, the cast is not likely to continue with the series either, as they have been a part of it for 10 years already, and it was only fair that they had the opportunity to explore other roles in film and television.

While season 10 may not be the best, he did a good job of finishing the arc of the main character, except for Joey, who also got his own spinoff series. If Friends had continued even after season 10, it certainly would have risked losing viewers’ interest and deteriorating its quality, but knowing that it is one of the best series of all time to preserve its reputation.

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