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Friends: Creators Condemn Less Diversity In The SitCom

Friends have been one of the most-watched shows for over 25 years, this show has explained to us what friendship means, and as much love and support Friends has got over 25 years there have been some critics who have talked about the show not being diverse enough, keep in mind the show was made 25 years ago and is still loved by people, however, the newer generation has a different perspective on it.

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Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman agreed that the show lacks diversity and some of the storylines are very messed up, Kauffman co-created the show with David Crane. While she was on a panel discussion, she was asked about ‘what she wished she knew’ to which she simply replied, saying, ‘i wish I knew then what I know now.’

She also talked about how she is aware of the lack of diversity in Friends that many people of today’s generation point out from time to time. If she knew then what she knows, realize she might have taken some different steps.

However, even though the show lacks diversity, it has made an incredible mark in the heart of every fan, from Rachel being a single mother to Phoebe being a surrogate for his brother and for Monica adopting kids the show has shown us three strong, witty women who defined their characters and have gained immense respect and love for that.


When David Schwimmer was once asked about his role and how he thinks about the diversity in Friends, he mentioned that he thinks the show lacks diversity, he also said that he has often talked about his character Ross should date women of color.

The show has time and about talked about lesbian and gay characters of the show and how it is normal, but somewhere fans believe the show should have been more diverse.

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