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Freaks On Netflix! Complete Review! To Stream Or Not To Stream

Freaks On Netflix! Complete Review! To Stream Or Not To Stream

Most of the reactions to this movie seem to have been very positive, here are our reviews on the Freaks!!!

Netflix reviewed it with mind-blowing and ominous:

What’s the whole show about:

The film begins by introducing us to Chloe, who is blindfolded. He sees an ice cream truck and a flock of birds floating in the sky, but they don’t move. Right there in the sky, motionless. I was conspired with. We also know Chloe’s father, Henry. He scolds her for looking out the window, which is clearly against the house rules.

The house is super safe (they have like 20 locks and there are curtains on the blinds) and Chloe’s father reiterates the importance of hiding them from the outside world. At night Chloe hears strange noises in her closet. When he opens the door, a woman is sitting there. Chloe screams and runs away, which seems to be the right move.

What’s the overall rating for it?


This is a legitimately entertaining movie and you may not have a big budget for hardcore special effects, but it has a very good performance. I will see a sequel and I would like to promote Chloe to join the MCU.

Description on more than one topic: A standalone version of the original X-Men story.

Who’s the MVP of the movie:

Emil Hirsch was great as always, but we find out that he’s been an A + actor for a long time, making Lexie Caller the winner. She was stellar and couldn’t believe that a 7-year-old girl was capable of neglecting that performance.

Should you watch it or not:

Yes! You should see for yourself because as if anyone who enjoys science fiction in the slightest will be entertained all the time! with it.

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What do you think?

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