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Frankenstein Play Of Benedict Cumberbatch Is Coming On Youtube For Free

In 2011, National Theaters Frankenstein was the most popular thing in London’s West End.

Danny Boyle an oscar-winning filmmaker is the director, starred in Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller as Victor Frankenstein and his demonic composition, with actors changing roles for each performance. Fans of Boyle or both Leeds may be excited to know that both versions of the play are available for free on YouTube this week.

Available exclusively on the National Theater YouTube channel

You can catch Frankenstein, with Cumberbatch as Creature and Miller as Doctor, this Thursday, April 30 at 7 p.m. UK time. It will then be accessible before the end of next week on Thursday, May 7 at 7 pm. The next day, Friday, May 1, the version can be captured with Miller as Creator and Cumberbatch as Doctor. Similarly, it will remain on the channel until Friday, May 8.

Cumberbatch and Miller shared the prestigious Olivier Award that year for their double performances. This isn’t the only iconic role he’s shared in his career, either, or entirely fitting. Starting in 2012, Miller starred in Elizabeth as Sherlock Holmes, following in Cumberbatch’s footsteps to play the role of the famous detective. Frankenstein also co-stars Elizabeth Lavenza as Victor’s father and Naomi Harris (Skyfall) as George Harris (Harry Potter).

Infantile in its innocence but erotically, Frankenstein’s sinister creature is cast into a hostile universe by its fearsome hitmaker. Scientific responsibility, parental abandonment, cognitive development, and immediate concerns about the nature of good. and evil reflect this exciting and deeply gothic story. ”

Source: The National Theatre

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