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Food Wars Season 5: Full Season Release Date And Other Details

Popular anime series Food Wars has gained a huge fanbase for itself, and fans were pretty much-hooked to it. The manga series went on to be renewed for four back to back seasons. Now fans want what is going to happen in the fifth season itself. Let us look into the details of the fifth season, which is highly anticipated by fans.

Food Wars Season 5 Is Finally Here, And We Might Have Some Exclusive Details.

Crunchyroll firstly did share a first look image of the anime series, thus confirming that the series will be coming back for the fifth season as well. Soma, the young chef, dreams about being good enough and bringing good fortune for his father’s diner. However, the plans change when he is asked to join the Totsuki Academy, which is an elite cooking class.

The Fifth Season Is Here With All The Twists And Turns! Have A Look.

While it is not confirmed yet but the fifth season can have a high cliffhanger at the end just like the first three seasons had. This might also open a strong opportunity for yet another season renewal as well! Take a look at this Twitter post making the official announcement of the series arriving in the 2024 anime season. It makes the fans aware of its release in April.

As we saw in the season finale, it was seen that both Soma and Erina have managed to defeat both Tsukasa and Rindo in the Team of Shokugeki against the Central. Now, as fans saw with the rebels winning, this implies that now a new team will be crowned.

Fans Are Loving The Fifth Season Arc Compared To The Other Seasons.

Considering how the earlier season received a somewhat mixed reaction, however, the fifth season is by far the best season under the production so far! The anime is all are et to come back later this spring with more adventures and to cook all the way! Fans are excited to see what in store for Soma and his friends as we got closer to the story as the plot thickens. We sure are excited.

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