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Florida Man Charged For Shooting Death Of A Mother Who Was Filming A Rap Video

A Florida man is criminally accused of shooting a woman fatally and seriously injuring her boyfriend while making a rap video on Sunday

The alleged incident came after Jordan Silver, 20, Haley Cox, 23, and Cox’s fiancé Eric Bronowski, 22, gathered at rapper Giovini Bosque’s home in Wimauma. Bosk told police that Silver arrived with a black semi-automatic pistol that could have had a laser attack.

Silver, Cox, Bronowski, and Bosky went to the Riverview power plant to film the music video. Bosk said they were filming a music video depicting his kidnapping – and nobody said anyone was shot, detailed police report.

The officers spotted Silver with a semi-automatic gun

The group reportedly came to the power line easement with a Canon camera and water bottles filled with fake blood. Detectives reportedly reviewed the camera footage and observed Silver wielding a semi-automatic handgun while acting erratically.

Bosquet was reportedly shot to keep Silver calm. At one point, Silver was inexplicably hiding behind the bushes when Bosk and Bronovsky tried to shoot a music video.

What another video revealed?

According to another video, Bosky and Bronovsky spilled fake blood on Bosk. Cox held the camera and felt like holding it. Moments later, a single shot is fired and the camera falls to the ground.

The footage reportedly captured three more shots and Bosky yells “No!” Bosk told police that Silver opened fire on him and Bronowski as they retired to their car, injuring Bronowski.

Bosque reportedly fled to a nearby area and received help. Silver followed Bosque but disappeared after learning that Bosquet was trying to contact the police.

Cox and her boyfriend was severely injured

As a result, MEPs found Cox on the field with a gunshot wound to the face. Her boyfriend, who was nearby, was shot in the thigh and chest.

Bronowski reportedly told police that he had met Silver for the first time that morning. He also confirmed that Silver shot him and his girlfriend.

Charges for the crime

police initially arrested Silver for violation and whipping charges after discovering he was hiding under bars in the courtyard of a nearby house. Since then, he has been charged with second-degree murder with a firearm and attempted the first-degree murder in connection with Sunday’s deadly shootings.

Silver remains in prison for $ 502,000. The authorities are determining the reason.

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