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LUCIFER: Full Story Season 1 To Season 4 With Cast Detail

Lucifer Morning Star, the Devil, He is the one who changed the scenario of town. Netflix now has its broadcasting rights, and power-packed four seasons are running riot on the platform. So we are here to provide every single detail regarding the Devil Incarnate.

Here’s A Brief Recap of Every Season, and after reading this, you won’t need to watch the show.

Who Is Lucifer?

Lucifer is indeed a devil, but before he has thrown to Hell, he was an angel. Fallen Angel, in simple words, Lucifer is one of God’s sons, and as a punishment, he been offered to Hell and become the conqueror of the underworld. After his coronation in Hell, he ruled it for years and decided to seek revenge from his father and charged a rebellion against him. He got failed miserably, and after that, he been ordered to remain in Hell for all eternity, and Heaven’s gates closed forever for him. Thus, later he became the torturer of Hell.

Modern Representation

Now Lucifer has its modern representation, and he wants himself relieved from his duty and looking for a Vacation. So he headed for the City of Angles Los Angles, and later his life got completely changed.

Lucifer Characteristics

Lucifer is dashing and a wealthy owner of a club called LUX in L.A. He took the help of someone who grants new identities to the people, and thus, he already existed for five years in the official records of the state department. He comprises of such powers which tend to know the secret wishes of the people. He just stares you for a while, and bam, you will swallow all the secrets inside and your endless desires.

Now we are heading season-wise as the story moves forward, so sit back as it will be a long journey to cover.

Lucifer Season 1
Source: Comic Book

Lucifer: Full Story Of Season 1 With Cast Detail

The first season obviously includes the introduction of protagonists and the motives of the show.