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Florida Couple Arrested After They Held A 39-Year-Old Woman Captive

A Florida based couple is booked for molesting and harming a woman multiple times

A Florida couple was arrested after a 39-year-old woman told police they captured her captive for 48 hours while she was “stabbed, cut, burned, gave narcotics, and molested on multiple occasions.

The suspects are identified as

Alexis Crawford, 20, and Christian White, 30, are charged with unlawful imprisonment, physical assault, and aggravated assault.

The authorities said the victim approached them on Monday and said she was detained against her will near Bronson, Florida, about 25 miles southwest of Gainesville.

She told lawmakers that the couple was at a mutual friend’s house when she met them on Saturday. She bought dinner for the couple on Saturday night, but when they got home she said she had a fight with Crawford.

The man held the victim without her permission

Crawford grabbed her and tried to restrain her with hinges, he told police, before White stepped in and helped Crawford with the restraints. The victim reported that his arms and legs were held by hinges.

The victim said she ran away from home on Sunday and called the police.  She was taken to the hospital for checkups.

Crawford and White “fled Clay County” in northeastern Gainesville, they told the Levy County Sheriff but did not say what charges were brought against them.

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