How Much Should You Spend On A First Birthday Present

This is always a question: how much do you need to spend on a first birthday present? It depends mainly on your pocket. If you have a reasonable budget, you can spend a good amount of money on the gift. You should never spend more than you can actually afford as many gifts in the market will express your love and gratitude, in the same way, the much more expensive one will do.

Below you will get thorough information about what prices you can get good gifts that you can give as a present on the first birthday.

What Gifts Are The Most Affordable One Which Will Be Perfect For A First Birthday Present?


You will be a little amazed to know the prices of the baby present if you haven’t shopped for it before. There are many different gifts that you can give to a cute baby, but the question is, what are the pocket-friendly gifts that will look adorable and also affordable. Further, you will learn about the most affordable gifts you can go for.

Small t-shirts

You can go for cute t-shirts if you do not find anything perfect for the child as they will definitely look adorable, and at the same time, it will be beneficial for the child. Even though it is a pretty basic gift, you can customize it and make it more meaningful and adorable at the same time. The t-shirts usually have a maximum price of 10$ along with premium quality, and you must not spend more than that on a t-shirt for a one-year-old baby.

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Toys are a good gift, but it has a whole range, from expensive to cheap, and if you gift toys that are not so good in quality, they might not look good. Toys can range from 10 dollars to 100 dollars, and the pricing increases along with the quality. Also, one year child is too small for such expensive toys, so it is recommended to buy those gifts that will be useful and look adorable.

Customized bodysuit

Now you don’t have to go for a normally printed bodysuit; you can easily get it customized according to your convenience. Many brands cost you more than 30 bucks, which is pretty expensive, but if you want it at a more affordable rate, you can check out harry potter baby clothes; it will be a one-stop destination for all the gifts.

Cute beanies or cap


As discussed above, you can choose whatever gift you like, but it should be affordable because there is no point in spending too much money on something that will not even be useful and look good as a birthday present. Beanies are turning out to become a perfect birthday present as young moms and dads love to dress their children. It cost up to less than 12 dollars.

Bottom lines

We already discussed above that you must not spend more than 50 dollars on any gift even though the child you are gifting to is close to you because you can get the same products at much lower prices on the other sites. All the gifts mentioned above are some of the gifts which are in vogue and also are the most affordable ones.

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