Finding Your Inner Self In 4 Simple Steps

Encouraging people to find their true selves can seem daunting, but there is a simple way to do it. Start by asking yourself the following questions: How do I feel when I am at my peak – when I am completely happy? How do I feel when I am at my best? How do I feel when I am on a high – when I am completely calm? How do I feel when I am at my weakest – when I am down and feeling low? How do I feel when I am at my worst – when I am completely miserable? How do I feel when I am at my most comfortable – when I feel completely at ease? How do I feel when I am at my most uncomfortable –

The real you is hidden behind your personal persona, behind your mask. It’s buried beneath the mask of your fears, your insecurities, and your dreams. And it’s there, I promise you. You just need the right tools to get to it. If you’re beginning your journey, these meditation guides from will help you progress.

Today, I want to introduce you to a simple, four-step process that cuts through all the clutter and opens the door to your inner self. It’s a process that anyone can follow, and it can change your life. It’s called Step 4 of the 4-Step Process, and it’s also known as the “True Self Recognition Process.”

There were nights when I would lay awake for hours and imagine what my life would be like if all my problems disappeared. If I had no debts, all the education I would need or want, a modern wardrobe, perfect hair, body and smile, how easy my life would be. I could wake up every morning feeling like I could handle anything and never feel tired or stressed. Life would be perfect… wouldn’t it? Finding your inner self is something many people struggle with. Once you find it, your life can become the best it has ever been. The importance of knowing your inner self is that it brings balance and peace to your daily life. Who wouldn’t want to?

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1. Remember who you are

To understand what makes you special, you must first look at how you are on the inside, not on the outside. Let go of the need to be liked by everyone and make a list of your values, goals, morals and beliefs. The inner self is who you are inside, from what makes you sad to what makes you happy. Being in harmony with your inner self is essential for happiness.

2. Find out where you are today

Once you’ve made a good list, set it aside and draw a simple timeline of your life. Highlight the highs and lows and identify the key inflection points. On the page, mark the differences you see where you did or did not stick to your list of values and ethics. You can also see exactly where you are today.

3. Understanding the next step

Using your timeline, you can clearly see what you need to do to get back in balance with your inner self. Do it again. Changes can be simple – buying more organic produce – or complex – changing careers. Learn to trust yourself. No matter how difficult or easy your next steps may be, you can constantly remind yourself of this by holding on to your inner self and channeling the power that comes up through reflection and meditation. Immerse yourself in solitude.

4. Nutrition for meditation

When you meditate, you can energize yourself by clearing your mind and focusing on what you are meditating on to focus on your inner self. Imagine your life as it is and as it could be if you followed your inner self and not your outer self. Make decisions based on who you are, not who you could be. If you need a little help, here’s a guide on how to get started with meditation.

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Now that I have loaded my meditation this way, I lie in bed at night and imagine my life as it is. I see myself making decisions based on who I am, and I can go to sleep without wanting more because I know there is no one in the world better than me.

The Wellness Life is a weekly column by Lydia Lafond, wellness coach. With practical tips and step-by-step instructions, Lydia motivates and inspires people to live better and happier lives. Do you have a question for Lydia? Comment below or write to him.

We are all unique in our own ways, but too often, we pretend to be someone we’re not. In our lives, we’re either the best, the worst, or a mix of both. We are what we do, how we act, and who we try to be. We often let our ego go out of control, and try to be someone we are not. Everyone struggles in some way or manner, but a good life starts with you figuring out what you’re made of.. Read more about finding my inner self quotes and let us know what you think.

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Written by Vaibhav Sharda