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Euphoria Season 2: The Shooting Will Commence From Next Year

Here is what we know about the series Euphoria starting the filming process in 2024!

Well, well, well, as of right now, the President of HBO, that is, Casey Bloys has gone on to reveal that the second season of Euphoria will start the process of filming in the early half of 2024.

It is unfortunate and late because Euphoria was meant to shoot its second installment in March when the whole world got hit by the pandemic that has been caused by the fatal Corona Virus.

Here is why Euphoria season two will be delayed by a two-year gap!

This factor forced the whole industry of entertainment to shut down until it was really safe to come back at the set and start the works. This successful HBO show stars Zendaya in the lead role and it is a drama for teenagers.

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The show has been co-produced by A24 and it proved to be very successful for HBO when it started airing back in June of 2019.

Here is what Casey Bloys has to say about the new season of Euphoria!

After the Emmy was over, Deadline arranged an interview with Casey Bloys who confirmed that the second season of Euphoria is going to start the process of filming sometime in the early half of 2024.

This is such a piece of disappointing news because by having the productions so late, we are going to have nearly a two-year gap between the air date of the first and the second season of the series.

A special Euphoria episode is in production at HBO!

But well, Bloys surely has some exciting news in store for us that he never revealed before. A special episode for this pandemic is being planned right now at the HBO headquarters to bridge the gap between both the seasons. All this while, Casey has assured all the fans about how it is going to be as crazy as some of the episodes from the first installment.

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