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Euphoria Season 2: 5 Early Spoilers Every Fan Should Know Before Its HBO Arrival

Euphoria is adapted from an Israeli TV show of the same name running from 2012 to 2013 for 10 episodes. The HBO Taking was produced by Sam Levinson, who, in season 1, wrote and directed five of the eight episodes.

Rue (Zendaya), an opioid rehab addict in the Californian suburbs and her students from East Highland high school is told about Euphoria: Jules, a new student from East Highland who loves a risky guy, despite a traumatic past; Football star Nate, whose rage against the world and most women is smoke under the surface; Maddy, Nate’s sister, and one of her fellow students from East Highland.

Through season 1, the Euphoria was revived for season 2. Levinson is reportedly expected to return as showrunner. However, all the Euphoria cast is expected to return, especially as the final of the first season left them.

Spoilers For Euphoria Season 2

#1. Is Rue Alive?

The last song Rue goes up to the Light speaks about how she needs to be remembered when she’s not there anymore. Her sudden drop in the drug world led us to see a musical number in the last minutes of the final episode, Rue, at the pace of Zenday’s All For Us, where she sings a sweat-shirt by her father and is followed by a chorus and eventually falls. The screen goes dark, leading fans to believe that the actor is gone.

#2. Inside CD That Maddy Stole

When Maddy is left in the room alone, she discovers a CD she holds before she leaves. We wonder if it’s related to Jules or Nate’s dad. The question is, is she going to use against Nate? The CD is definitely of critical importance in Euphoria’s second season.

#3. Jules Return

The last thing we heard about her was that she went to town. When Rue and Jules had opted to remain in the city in a moment of Euphoria, Rue repented and wanted to stay on the platform, but Jules was going. Is it a question we will hear from her again, or was it a final farewell?

#4. Mysterious Man With Kat

In the final episode, we saw Kat apologize for Ethan’s poor treatment, we can’t help but remember Kat’s elusive and rich anonymous client and whether she will leave with Ethan with a video call or not.

#5. Nate

Following an incident with Maddy, Nate confronts his father, who hit the floor with him. It was also a rather shocking scene which confirmed that Nate was not healthy, but what is to come next with him remains a mystery.

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