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Euphoria HBO? Is Zendaya Returning For Season 2? Here’s What You Should Know

The first season Euphoria premiered on HBO on June 16, 2019. Sam Levinson created the show. Euphoria highlighted the issues faces by teenagers that are love, friendships, identity, trauma, etc. Euphoria was renewed for another season in July 2019. Here’s what we know about season 2 of the show so far:

Release Date Of Season 2

On December 15, 2019, HBO confirmed on Twitter that Euphoria would return with season 2 of the show in 2024. However, HBO did not announce the exact release date. Season 1 of the show debuted on June 16, so if HBO is going to follow the pattern, the second season of the show may arrive this summer. Although Rue’s story finished in a cliffhanger in the first season of the show, it appears we will have some clarity in the second season.

Zendaya is Set To Return As Rue In Season 2

Although Rue’s story concluded on a cliffhanger in the first season of the show, it seems we will get some clarity in the next season of the show. Storm Reid, who performs Rue’s younger sister, Gia, said that ‘Yes, our entire show is for your own understanding, and I did see the things where people question me if she was deceased or not, or if she had relapsed in the last episode of the show. I believe that it’s for your own understanding, and the inquiries that you may have, especially about the eighth episode, will be solved in the first couple of episodes of Season 2.’

Zendaya also celebrated the show’s renewal on social media, suggesting that she will appear in season 2 of the show. And if Zendaya appears in season 2 of the show, then her beloved costars will also join her in season 2. The actress celebrated the renewal of the show on Twitter by posting:

Filming Of Season 2 To start Soon

Storm Reid said on February 22 that the cast and crew of the show were going to begin filming Season 2 “in the next couple weeks.” At that point, she had not even noticed a script yet.

‘We are getting scripts of season 2 soon,’ she added. ‘Table reads are coming. I am on the edge of my seat because I do not know, other than my character is thought to be developing and becoming her own. So I am very passionate about that.’

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