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Endeavour Season 8: Is There A Possibility

Here’s everything we know so far about the inspector’s upcoming exploits.

Will there be a season 8?

When season 7 debuted in the fall of 2019, it was announced that the show had already been officially renewed for an eighth outing. The new season originally aired in the UK in 2024, but filming is likely to be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, like many other productions. It’s currently unclear when American fans can expect to see the show, which debuts as part of the PBS masterpiece, on their screens again.

About season 8?

The Endeavor season has traditionally included one year per season; the seventh occurred during 1970, so we can expect to finish eighth during 1971. Also, details have not yet been released, but the show’s producer and writer, Russell Lewis, first hinted at Endeavor’s future plans, saying, “We’re delighted that ITV continues to add Colin Dexter’s immortal creation to the Casebook. I have asked #TeamEndeavor to stick with it, and E. Morse and Finest Decimals of Oxford, to take on a new decade of package travel. The oil crisis, the blackouts, the three-day week and Europe Endows.

Will the cast return?

The show’s main cast, which includes Sean Evans and Roger Allam, who play Endeavor Morse and his mentor, Fred, respectively, is expected to return for the eighth season. Although no news has been released about the cast yet, Morse’s Love Joy Thursday, played by Sarah Vickers, is likely to return after being absent from the show’s seventh season; Evans previously told the Radio Times that the character “is definitely back, he’s part of the family.”

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What about the coming seasons?

So far, no announcement has been made about the season before the eighth, but the main cast and Lewis, in the past, have indicated their willingness to continue the series, albeit with an inherent deadline. Morse, the popular detective, shows that Endeavor began in 1987, and Lewis and Evans had already made it clear that they intended to terminate the show before reaching that time so that continuity between the series would be maintained.

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