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Emilio Vitolo Jr. Spotted With Katie Holmes After Dumping His Fiance

Here is what we know about the relationship between Katie and Emilio!

Well, well, well, as of right now, news has come out that clearly shows how Emilio has dumped his fiancée to date another actress. Emilio, who is 41 years in age, went on to wrap his arms around the new love interest just outside of his restaurant that is located in Downtown Manhattan.

We had actress Katie who was wearing a white sweater that day along with casual black denim which was accompanied by sunglasses. Ag the same point in time, all the paparazzi could witness Elilio wearing a gray sweater as well as Khaki pants.

Katie and Emilio were spotted at Downtown Manhattan!

Both these people happened to pull down their black face masks when they were kissing. Along with spending time with Emilio, fans also witnessed Katie having her errands done in the New York City neighborhood.

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Shared PDA in Central Park

Obviously, this new couple is actually no strangers to a public display of affection and they have been spotting kissing as well as cuddling during the date nights which were all around the city.

Here are the places where the couple has been seen a lot!

Back on Tuesday, the couple was spotted again while Katie looked pretty affectionate to be with Emilio as they got all cozied up while having a ride on the New York City Ferry to the East 90th Street. After this event, they went for a walk along with the beautiful views of the river.

Even though, as of right now, it looks that this couple is all happy and cozy together, but this surely does not mean that they did not have their fair share of drama.

Emilio broke up with his fiancée over text to be with Katie!

A fellow news media outlet called The Sun has reported the information which they allegedly received from one of the close friends of Emilio’s ex saying that he dumped his blindsided fiancée through a text message. This is when Katie and Emilio got back together.

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