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Eddie Redmayne Finally Responded To JK Rowling’s Controversial Tweet

The JK Rowling Controversy is just getting out of hand as now Eddie Redmayne the Fantastic Beast star has also commented on the issue, JK Rowling has made some controversial Tweets about the anti-trans issue, and the whole industry is trying to comprehend what happened.

J.K. Rowling Releases Essay Explaining Her Controversial Trans ...
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Eddie has finally broken his silence as he speaks about the issue he said, respect for transgender people is still imperative, and he is continually trying to educate himself on this topic.

Eddie also mentioned that he had worked both with JK Rowling and transgender people. He would like to say that they are tired of being judged and often have to explain themself all they want to do is live their lives in peace, they usually have to prove their identities, and it is time that we let them live their life as they want to.

Here we would post a picture of the tweets made by JK Rowling that engraved a fire in people and was substituted to backlash.


Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe hits out at JK Rowling's ...
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Warner Bros are behind the great series of Harry Potter, and they have taken instead a high road as they do support their fellow storyteller, Warner Bros mentioned ‘The events in the last several weeks have firmed our resolve as a company to confront difficult societal issues.’

They also mentioned that as responsible citizens, they have empathy and an excellent understanding of all communities and people who belong to diverse fields.

JK Rowling is the reason behind the enormous success of the Harry Potter series, and we will forever be grateful to her for this, but coming to her tweets, we think every people has had their journey and we should respect that.

Do let us know what you think about the Tweets, we will keep fans updated on the latest news until then continue reading with us!

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