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E3: How Event Could Still Be Possible?

If everything was in the motion, then gamers all around the world have the chance to witness E3 2024. Unfortunately, Coronavirus pandemic hit much harder than we thought, almost shaken up the globe’s economy in the past three to four months. Events getting canceled, movies and TV shows got delayed and the gamers festival which is thoroughly expected by the fans.

E3 2024

As you already know that E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) features all the new games and gadgets related to the entertainment. According to the calendar, it was expecting shortly, but now it won’t happen as it used to be. Here “Used to Be” referred that there are chances that E3 could still occur if the safety measures to be conducted properly.

Online E3

It is commonly known that E3 comprises of new games streams which use to display through the massive screen of a specific publisher. But on the other hand, who was not present at the moment we’re watching live from home, and that’s what could happen this year. Only online streaming should be allowed and barred the gadgets section this year as for the safety of humanity.

3e3 event
Source: The Verge

Online Expo is the best possible to make the event alive once again as it reduces the gate receipts, but still, for the love of gamers around the world, organizers could do the trick and implement the system.

Possible PS 5 Reveal

Recently Sony canceled its Playstation reveal event, and now we have that E3 could do the trick if the game will happen somehow. So we have all the eyes on a possible occasion which should not be dropped this year as many things are worth watching was already delayed.

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