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Dominik Mysterio: 5 Things To Know About Rey Mysterio’s Son

It’s no secret that Ray Mysterio’s son Dominic will soon be joining WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed in a report that WWE intends to have a 2024 year where Dominic makes a big splash in WWE. And from a point of view, NXT won’t be there for him and there won’t be that long at the WWE Performance Center.

Teaming with Ray Mysterio

This is the first and obvious choice we’ll come out of. As mentioned, the reason Mysterio didn’t retire in the first place was that Dominique reminded him of his promise to team up for his debut. It looks like the direction they’re finally going and hopefully, we’ll see them team up on a big stage like WrestleMania 36. It would be the perfect setting for a rookie and it would be one of those emotional matches. It’s a very good story.

WWE Rumor: Has Rey Mysterio's Son Dominic Joined WWE?

Facing Ray Mysterio

This would be another clear but interesting direction to go. It’s certainly too early to think this will happen so quickly, especially given how green Dominic is in the ring. However, wouldn’t it be amazing if Ray Mysterio gave the torch to his son? Other than Andrade or Ricochet, there is no better superstar you can do and if you ask him, he would love to rub his son.

Facing Andrade

This would be a very good story because it makes sense and follows a path of continuity. Andrade has humiliated his father Ray Mysterio on and off-screen and the worst moment of all was when he ignored the legendary superstar, almost forcing Mysterio into self-imposed retirement.

An interesting turn of events with Lucha House Party

It sounds a bit strange but listens to us. Lucha House Party is a faction that has not taken itself very seriously. This is also when they have three world-class white blood cells that can step into the ring and compete very well. Of course, this is another case of underutilization in WWE, but if Dominic enters the picture, things can take a completely unexpected direction. On the one hand, it can align with them and turn them into a more serious faction.

Facing Brock Lassner

We must admit that the opening segment of WWE RAW surprised us all. While it is one thing for Brock Lassner to defeat a superstar in Ray Mysterio, it is the fact that he attacked his son Dominic and opened the doors to many different possibilities. For one thing, it could also mean that Ray Mysterio can challenge Brock Lassner if he becomes WWE Champion this Friday on SmackDown. The big observation, though, is the fact that Dominic took all those punches so easily and turned Lassner into a million dollars.

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