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Another Life Season 2: Major Updates On Its Arrival And Story Details

Another original series brought to us by the largest online streaming platform, Netflix is Another Life. The show had was officially revived by Netflix for a second season in October 2019 despite receiving poor ratings by the viewers.

Plot Of Another Life Season 2

The plot is based on an alien ship which lands onto Earth and grows itself into a large shell-like shape as days pass. The United States Interstellar Command send one of their men to try to communicate with the ship but it fails to do so.


What Happened In Another Life Season 1

If we talk about season one, it showed that the aliens are not friendly and there is aim is to destroy Earth. The people who have been sent to try talking with the alien race have to find out the source of the crystal-like shell.

Of course, the second season would continue from the same. Unfortunately, we have got no update regarding the release date since the shooting is yet to be completed and it would take even more time because of the use of VFX technology.

Production Details Of Another Life Season 2

The whole schedule had been disturbed because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic which had resulted in a lockdown of the entire world. So it is not known when will things resume back to normal.

Expected Release Date Of Another Life Season 2

Hence, fans should not expect the second season to crop up until 2024. Netflix is sure that the upcoming instalment has a lot more potential and the viewers took very early to judge it on a poor scale. Let us hope, that it works out as expected and create a fan base for itself.

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