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Doc Martin: Possible Future Speculations

Some long-running shows have a kind of charisma to attract the audience as they worked well on the screen sets. However, many shows proved the fact that further expansion could lead to the destruction of the show and lost all the dignity it gained over the years.

Doc Martin is going to have its tenth and final season and fans are having a meltdown after seeing Doctor will no longer do wonders. It is confirmed that the tenth season of the show will be its finale and it will not proceeds further. So let’s get along with the crucial details of the show and how it could follow in the last season.

Doc Martin Tenth Season

ITV announced on Monday that the final season of Doc Martin will have their proceedings in 2023.

Producer Philippa Braithwaite asserted some facts about the show and the journey over the years.

She said: They loved making the nine series of the show and when they initiated the project in 2004 they never imagined the positive response from the audience. The series has a large fanbase in UK and all around the world and they are thrilled that the show has topped ratings many times.

After 16 years, we have to say goodbye to portween and we are making the tenth and final season in 2023.

Production Status

It’s clearly mentioned in the announcement post that filming of Doc Martin will commence in 2023 and showrunners are already looking forward to it.

Expected Release Date

Considering the production phases schedule, the show could almost take six months to wrap up. So if the production starts in early 2023 then the show could land in September 2023 or later. But we already counting on next fall release, so if the show possibly lands in 2023 then it would not be much of a surprise.


  • Martin Clunes as Martin Ellingham 

  • Caroline Catz as Louisa Ellingham

  • Ian McNeice as Bert Large 

  • Joe Absolom as Al Large 

  • Selina Cadell as Sally Tishell 

  • John Marquez as Joe Penhale

  • Eileen Atkins as Ruth Ellingham 

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