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Do You Have to Wash Walls Before Wallpapering?

Whenever comes to that famous moment to paint the walls, you are reluctant to wait for that date and prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the job. Isn’t the thought of this event a real hassle for everyone?

However, it is a job that must be done. Since ancient times, the walls have been a canvas that was used for the artist’s expression or for marking and marking important dates and events. As time passed, the role of the walls and their symbolism only grew stronger.

In western culture, we are looking for different ways to decorate the walls instead of leaving them empty. There are many interior design trends that we have at our disposal and we want to follow.

However, again when the renovation and painting of the walls come, we had a headache. There are many questions that we as laypeople do not have an answer to, so we often run to professionals for help.

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One of the questions is do you have to wash walls before wallpapering? Well, let’s explore this area together and help you at least a little bit in this job.

When we talk about painting the walls and renovating your apartment, we must emphasize that cleanliness is always the key. That is why the first step in the process of painting the walls should be to wash them first. This is a step that should be done not only once before preparing the walls for painting, but also before its installation.

After drilling and sanding the wall, you want to clean it thoroughly so that the dust crumbs do not fall under the lime or varnish with which you plan to paint the wall at the end. Imagine that after the job is done, you take a step back with satisfaction to inspect the final results and see in one part an uneven wall surface full of particles that are below the desired color! What a horror!

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As much as it may seem to you that washing the walls is just an extra job you can easily skip, believe that the more detailed you are in this first step and cleaning the wall, the better the results will be in the end.

So how do you clean the walls?

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Once you have solved the mystery and realized the importance of cleaning the walls before painting, it’s time to find out what are the ways to wash it. During the first, rough cleaning of the walls, the use of sugar soap is recommended, which will help fight grease and accumulated particles. For walls that already have paint, use universal cleaners.

One life hack: try using warm water with a little vinegar on walls like this, it is ideal for disinfection and is a great stain remover. If you have opted for renovlies it is important to clean the wall well before installing it and let it dry well to make the glue more effective. After drying the glue for 24 hours, you can also clean these walls without any problems.

As we have already pointed out, the walls need to be washed before applying the paint as well as after the final coating. For this final walls washing, you can use a cloth slightly soaked in warm water to achieve the desired shine.


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I’m sure now it’s much clearer to you how and in what way to start the process of painting the wall. Think of this job as a game whose results you will only enjoy!

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