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Dina Manzo’s Ex-Hubby Pleads Not Guilty To Using Mobster To Assault Her Now-Spouse

Previous “RHONJ” star Dina Manzo’s ex argued not blameworthy on Tuesday to charges he recruited a Mafioso to pound her present life partner.

Tommy Manzo showed up by means of Zoom under the watchful eye of a government court for purportedly recruiting Lucchese wrongdoing family fighter John Perna to do an assault on the truth star’s current hubby in return for a markdown wedding gathering at the Manzo family providing food lobby in Paterson, N.J.

The 55-year-old, who was given $100,000 bail by government Judge Cathy L. Waldor, was hit charges of perpetrating rough wrongdoing with the help of racketeering, ambush with a risky weapon, and distorting records, every one of which conveys a 20-year most extreme sentence and $250,000 fine.

In the event that he makes bail, he will be under the management and must acquiescence his international IDs and travel archives.

Perna, 43, was summoned Tuesday on similar charges and furthermore argued not liable to thrashing casualty Dave Cantin — who was dating Dina at the hour of the July 2015 assault. He likewise was hit with a check of protection misrepresentation for dishonestly detailing his Mercedes Benz was devastated in 2016 subsequent to setting it ablaze with other Lucchese mobsters.

He was given similar bail conditions as Manzo, aside from he will likewise be under 24-hour management and home detainment with electronic observing.

Government authorities said

That 330 individuals, including “numerous individuals” of the Lucchese wrongdoing family, went to Perna’s August 2015 function, and investigators affirmed in their arraignment that Tommy misrepresented and shrouded records identified with the bureaucratic examination of the ambush when administrative excellent jury summons was sent to the Brownstone.

In November 2019, specialists with the FBI executed a court order at the Brownstone Restaurant and held onto solicitations for the August 2015 Perna wedding gathering and other important records that were not recently turned over.

Manzo’s legal counselor, Michael Critchley, had prior discharged an announcement saying his customer is “totally blameless, and the claims more take after a fictionalized plot of an unscripted television demonstrate and will be demonstrated to be simply that.”

Tommy and Dina were hitched for a long time before their separation was finished in 2016 and the supposed assault happened.

Dina and Cantin were additionally assaulted in a 2017 home intrusion. The supposed assailant, James Mainello, was prosecuted by a great jury in July 2019 and faces as long as 20 years in jail for the wrongdoing.

Dina and Cantin got married in May 2019

Dina and Cantin’s respectful lawyer, Andrew Brettler, disclosed to Page Six on Tuesday that “the two were survivors of a horrendous home intrusion and assault. We have total confidence in the law authorization specialists to see that Dina and Dave get the equity they merit.”

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