Demon Slayer: What’s Taking So Long? Why Is Season 2 Delayed?

Demon Slayer is another Japanese manga series that has been adapted into a web series of the same name. The book has been one of the best sellers in February 2024. Several Japanese animes have been created that focus one young adult be it, girl or boy. It includes everything from emotion to fighting sequences.

What Is Demon Slayer Anime Series All About?

All these animated dramas have become a hit among the viewers. And so is Demon Slayer which revolves around a young boy whose family was killed by a demon. And not only this, her sister was the only family left with her who was converted into a beast. Now the boy decides to become Demon Slayer to avenge the death and put an end to these slaughterers.

Renewal Status of Demon Slayer Season 2

The show has one season till now and what is even best is that the show has been revived for a second season. So when do we get to see it? Well, currently there is no update on release date because the filming is still to begin.

Expected Release Date of Demon Slayer Season 2

We know because of the ongoing Coronavirus or Covid-19 outburst, all the planning for 2024 has got totally ruined. So this shifts the release for the second season in 2024. No trailer is out yet because the filming has not yet commenced. Earlier it was to get launch in October 2024, but it got delayed because of the deadly pandemic.

So we have to wait for next year to binge-watch several films and web series due for this year. You are surely going to love this anime drama as it has everything from adventures to martial arts to show.

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Anime series are sudden upward shift in terms of a number of viewership. Earlier, Anime series was limited to the country where they were created. But now many streaming giants are running behind the makers of these Anime series to purchase the rights. People preferences change with the change in time, and Anime series are the perfect example of the same.

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