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DeMarcus Family Rules: Will The Netflix Reality Series Return For A Season 2?

Demarcus Family Rules is a new reality comedy on Netflix, about the daily life of one of the most important musicians in the country. The series centres on outgoing bassist Jay Demarcus of the hit trio Rascal Flats. But who else is part of the Demerkus family? And can you follow the DaliMarkas Family Rules on Instagram? And where were the Demerkus Family Rules filmed?

What are the DeMarcus family rules on Netflix?

Jay DeMarsk, bassist for Family, for Rascal Flats since the group was formed 20 years ago. Playing bass. And at the time, the band had 33 top 10 singles, including 14 # 1s on the country charts. If you really wonder how big the Demerkus family is, they are selling 27 million albums on a grand scale.

At DeMarcus Family Rules, you can see how a family of four (not counting all the in-laws) deal with everyday challenges, like planning a better birthday party or throwing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, with DeMarcus Family Twist.

DeMarcus Family Rules: Season 1: Crucial Details Regarding Release Date

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Who is in DeMarcus Family Rules?

In this show J. Definitely, the marks are there. He is a small child, who feels a bit isolated from his family because he is so much on the road, but his goal is to spend as much time as possible at home. His wife, Alison Demarks, continues to drive home and lives for appearances with the famous Tennessee beauty queen. He also has to live with Daymark’s two children, Madeline and Dylan.

Allison also featured on the show is southern mother Jane, her sister Amy, and her best friend Paige. There’s also cheeky family chef Mickey and Jane’s best Judy, Chris. Do you want to keep the Dalymarcus family rules on Instagram?

What is the filming location for DeMarcus Family Rules?

DeMarcus Family Rules was shot in Nashville, Tennessee. That is why the DeMarcus family is called home.

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