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Daredevil: Will The Show Return on Disney Plus?

Netflix had created a few superhero series based on Marvel Comic book characters for its streaming platform. It had created Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones for its platform. Marvel’s Daredevil made its debut on the streaming giant’s platform in 2015. The superhero series ran successfully on Netflix for three seasons. In 2018, the broadcasting giant decided to cancel the superhero series after three successful seasons. But the fans and followers of Marvel’s Daredevil have always been hopeful that the superhero series will find another home and return. Here is everything we know about the possibility of the return of the superhero web series, Marvel’s Daredevil.

Marvel’s Daredevil: Is The Superhero Series Making A Comeback?

Netflix canceled its well-known superhero series, Marvel’s Daredevil, two years back. Ever since the superhero series was canceled, the fans and followers of the series were hopeful that Daredevil would find a new home soon. With the launch of Disney+ last year in November, the followers of Marvel’s Daredevil thought that the series might be launched on the newly launched streaming platform. To date, Disney+ has not announced the arrival of Marvel’s Daredevil on its platform.

Daredevil' Canceled at Netflix After Three Seasons - Variety


Marvel’s Daredevil: Will The Series Arrive On Disney+?

There was a contract signed by Netflix, which prevented Daredevil from finding a new home. Till fall this year, the superhero series cannot premiere on any other platform. After November, Daredevil can premiere on other networks. But the possibility of the series making a comeback are grim.

Marvel’s Daredevil: Charlie Cox On The Return Of Daredevil With The Fourth Season

Charlie Cox, the lead actor of the series, recently opened up about the return of Marvel’s Daredevil for the fourth season. He said that he does not envision the show returning at all. But, if the show returns, then he would love to reprise the role again.

Marvel’s Daredevil: Why Would It Be Difficult For The Show To Return?

It has been two years since the last season of Daredevil premiered on the broadcasting giant’s platform. The cast of the superhero series has taken up different projects. It would be difficult to bring back all the actors together for the project.

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