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Cursed Season 2: Will We Get A New Season Of Katherine Langford’s Series?

Here is all that we know about the second season of Cursed that stars Katherine Langford on Netflix!

Well, well, well, as all the people who have already binge-watched the series called Cursed on the streaming giant Netflix must be well aware of the fact that the titular actress Katherine Langford has finally decided to stick up for a long-running project with the platform.

After the actress had a pretty controversial role in the popular teen drama called 13 Reasons Why in the role of Hannah Baker which is also present on Netflix itself, she has now managed to sign a contract with the streaming giant for the series which was inspired by King Arthur called Cursed.

Has Cursed been renewed for a second season or not?

As we all know how her role of Nimue is still up to the mark of all her standards and she has lived up to all the expectations that the audience had with her.

Cursed season 2: release date, cast and what we expect if the Netflix show returns | TechRadar

Obviously, we all know that Katherine has to return for a potential season 2 because the storyline of this series demands it to be like that. At the point in time when we will have a second season of the series, there is no doubt that we are surely going to witness her in the outing.

Here is why people think Katherine Langford will not return for Cursed season 2!

Well, if you are wondering why are people talking about the return of Katherine for a new season of Cursed then you should know it is because, in this season, we all saw how she almost died and is drowned in the current. This is why speculations had been raised.

Also, if we go on and try to talk about a potential release date for the second season of Cursed, then we must all be familiar with the fact that its delay is pretty obvious because of how the productions have been affected this year because of the fatal Corona Virus.

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