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Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Cancelled By Netflix! No Season 2!

Here is what we know about The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance that has now been canceled by Netflix!

Well, well, well, as if right now, a piece of very disappointing news has come out for all the people who are in love with the series called The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is not going to return to the planet of There.

This is so sad because the streaming giant Netflix has canceled this iconic show after we had just one season out of it. This news has been confirmed by Variety, a fellow news media outlet.

Here is what the story of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance was all about!

This show served the purpose of being a prequel series to the Jim Henson film which came out back in 1982.

The tale of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance throws the entire spotlight on a group of young Gelfings who go on to find out that the people who rule over them, that us, the evil as well as the hideous Skeksis, are actually duplicitous and are hoping to consume all the life energy of their subject by the means of the dark crystal. They want to do so in order to fuel their own energy.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' Canceled at Netflix | Hollywood Reporter

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance even won an Emmy and still got canceled, here is what Lisa Henson has to say!

You guys should all be aware of the fact that the news of the cancellation of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance comes out just a few days after the show won an Emmy Award for being the Best series for Children out there.

The executive producer of the show is Lisa Henson and she revealed that they can confirm how there is never going to be a second installment for The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance.

Lisa says we’ll get to know the ending of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance sometime!

She went on to add the feeling that all the fans have to know how the chapter actually ended but instead of making a show, they are going to look for ways to tell about this story sometime in the future.

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