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Couple Leonardo DiCaprio And Girlfriend Camila Morrone Spotted Together In L.A.

Two Couples are stealing the shows amid Coronavirus outbreak first one is the pair of Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas, and the second one is very own Leonardo Caprio and Camila Morrone. However, the couple is getting rest from the paparazzi, but now it looks like they have to be careful about the cameras flashing their sights.

Couple Spotted In L.A

The couple was spotted picking up some appetites and groceries from the Eataly center in Los Angeles. They loaded bags into the hooptie and ate their pizzas before leaving. They carefully followed the preventive measures as they maintained social distancing and wearing every essential gear to restrain the impact of the virus.

Leonardo Di Carpio
Source: Daily Mail

More About Couple

However, the pair likely to be isolated, but they are clinching the spotlight because of Leonardo’s recent relationships. They first seen together at the Oscars when they were sitting next to each other.

However, the pair confessed that they have to be careful about the media influence on relationships in Hollywood. One day you are together, and the other day there will be news of split if not seen together.

Camilla Morrone Claims

She claimed that more exposure leads to more controversial speculations around them. There are always people who judge you no matter how you are doing things and keep them to yourself. Some people still wish for negative things to happen to you, and they mean for it.

Whereas Leorando always tries to keep his cool and only speaks upon the issue regarding the decline in earth’s natural resources. On various occasions, he talked about the impact of global warming and weighs it over his profession and business.

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