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Control Z Season 2: Every Sequel Detail Explained!

Netflix is becoming a hub for international dramas and took the responsibility of making them famous, and now the whole globe is witnessing talents all around from different nations.

Mexican Drama Control Z is one of the shows which left his mark on the streaming giant, and now the sequel season is in many controversies after some rumors floating about the show.

Renewal Status

However, there is no official confirmation regarding the release of sequel season, but still, another season is imminent, and fans are also counting on it. Meanwhile, there were rumors that show was reportedly canceled, but we are ruling out those rumors as there is no official confirmation by the showrunners nor the streaming giant.

One more fact which concludes the cancelation of the show is not possible as the show just hitting the platform, and these decisions could take some more time.

Source: The Buzz Paper

Expected Release Date

As soon as the show got the green light and thus production phases will commence, and then we can get an idea of a release date. But at the moment all is left are assumptions, and we could predict an expected release date which would be suitable for the fans and taking all the current aspects into consideration. If production phases wrapped the show to its deadline, the show will likely to release next fall on time, but if the delay is concerned, then the show could face a delay of two to three months. The expected release date of the sequel is August 2024.


  • Ana Valeria Becerril (Sofía)

  • Yankel Stevans (Raúl)

  • Zion Marino (Isabela)

  • Samantha Acuña (Alex)

  • Marcarena García (Natalia)

  • Fiona Palomo (Maria)

  • Andrés Baida (Pablo)

  • Patricio Gallardo (Gerry)


The trailer is dependent upon some part of filming completion as usual, but currently, there are no signs of filming as due to pandemic, several projects are on hold.

Expected Storyline

As it is apparent, that initial season ends with a cliffhanger, and now the sequel season could focus on another hacker and Raul paying for his antics. The future of Gerry and Sofia is uncertain as things could escalate quickly.

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