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Constantine: A Live-Action Show Is In Early Talks At HBO Max

A Live-Action show Constantine is in early talks at HBO Max! What can we expect from the series? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know about the cast plot and release date of the series Constantine.

A Live-Action show Constantine is in early talks at HBO Max!

HBO Max Has Cast Constantine | Cosmic Book News
source: Cosmic Book News

There was a discussion for years about the sequel to Francis Lawrence’s comic book movie based on the Hellblazer comics. The supernatural action movie was a minor hit at the time of its release, but at the time, fans were torn by the casting of Reeves as Blondie and the British demon slayer. After 15 years, the performances of Flash world, the movie, and Reeves finally get the respect they deserve. A sequel never managed to come together, but now, it may be a hit at the right time when R-rated comic book movies are more common and love Reeves fever.

When will the sequel of Constantine release at HBO Max?

For a few years, there was talk of a sequel to Constantine, but nothing serious ever came up. Lawrence and Reeves moved on, but we never saw another big-screen adaptation of Constantine. That left the door open for Reeves to return to the role. Now J.J. Abrams and Warner Bros. are thinking about another Reeves-directed Constantine sequel. Nothing has been confirmed, but Fear Central reported the rumor.

The idea behind the rumor is to revert to the role of Reeves and install Justice League Dark, a gothic fantasy version of the Justice League. Guillermo del Toro was once the one who directed it. Reeves and Lawrence will soon be taking part in a virtual Comic-Con experience talking about the 15th anniversary of their cult favorite, so perhaps more concrete news about a sequel is expected in the coming weeks.

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