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Connecticut Man Beheaded Landlord Over Rent Dispute

A Connecticut man is found guilty of killing his landlord over a dispute

A Connecticut man accused of beheading his landlord with a samurai sword over the weekend refused to speak to the police or in court and claimed he was a “sovereign citizen” not subject to U.S. or state law.

Victor King, a 64-year-old champion player, was found heavily cut and covered with a sheet in his home in the West Hartford hideout on Sunday, the day after he went to the police to say that his tenant was threatening him because of the rent. and wave your sword against him.

Charges against the suspect

Jerry David Thompson, 42, was arrested Sunday evening and charged with murder. He was tried on Tuesday and sentenced to $ 2 million in prison.

The firefighters discovered a pool of blood in the house

Police arrived at King’s house on Sunday afternoon after friends said they had not been able to contact him. The police and firefighters broke into the house and found large quantities of the king’s blood and died on the kitchen floor.

Investigators quickly focused on Thompson, who had moved to a vacant room at King’s house as a suspect in the past year. They found him in a car in North End Park about six hours later when he refused to speak. At one point, he wrote a note to the detectives, which said: “The paper in the storage compartment of the jeep is all you need”. Investigators checked the glove compartment and found documents showing that Thompson believed he was a so-called “sovereign citizen”, people who believed they were not subject to United States laws.

Thompson killed his landlord with a samurai sword

According to the warrant for his arrest, detectives believe that King and Thompson quarreled over the fact that Thompson did not pay the rent and Thompson threatened his landlord with a samurai sword. Threats forced King to go to the police on Saturday.

Investigators believe that at one point Thompson used a samurai sword to inflict “serious injury” to the victim’s arms, chest, shoulders, and neck, said Lieutenant Paul Cicero.

Thompson refused to speak to detectives and also refused to speak to a public defender. Courant said he is not currently represented. Judge Ann Lynch continued her case until August 18 on Tuesday.

Known as one of the best players in New England, King won the 2016 National Bridge Championship

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