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Cobra Kai: How Old Are The Actors Of The Netflix Series?

From Ralph Macchio to William Zabka, these are the ages of the ‘Cobra Kai’ cast. Some will big surprise you.

In case you ignored it, Cobra Kai has lately moved to Netflix. Within it, new visitors and lovers have become familiar with the story of Daniel LeRusso and Johnny Lawrence from the original film ‘The Karate Kid (played by brilliant form, of course, by legends Ralph Macchio and William Zabka respectively) With the ‘reboot’ a new cast of secondary characters has also arrived, such as Robby Keene and Miguel Díaz.

Unlike other television series, where adult actors play teenagers or even characters much older than them, the cast plays roles quite close to their actual age it will be the first time!. Have you ever wondered how old Macchio or Zabka is?

Here are the real a long time of the ‘Cobra Kai’ forged participants on Netflix and as compared to their characters, along with the brand new secondary panel from the ‘Karate Kid’ universe.

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Source: The TeCake

Character: Daniel LaRusso

Age: 58 Although he is still remembered by fans for his role in the 1980s film, Macchio’s age of 58 is just right for his current character, who should be in his mid-fifties.

Character: Johnny Lawrence

Age: 54 Are we sure Zabka is 54 years old? Because given his potential without difficulty to carry out a karate kick, it is extraordinary how bendy he’s for his age. ‘Cobra Kai 3’ will reveal a secret of Miyagi, and these are the theories.

Character: John Kreese

Age: 74 As the top sensei of the brand new Cobra Kai dojo, Kreese is aware of a component or approximately schooling for a tournament.

Character: Robby Keene

Age: 21. Although Johnny’s son on the show is a high school student, Buchanan is a bit older in real life.

Character: Samantha LaRusso

Age: 24 Although she plays a teenage girl on the show, Mouser is actually in her 20s.

Character: Miguel Diaz

Age: 19 For a teenage character poised to become the Karate Kid of the 21st century, Maridueña’s tender age of 19 seems perfect.

Character: Demitri

Age: 16 At sixteen, DeCenzo is learning to work in Hollywood Like his character Demetri, who is trying to discover his own identity in the series.

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