How to Properly Clean Your Sunglasses

During hot summer months, we all take good care of ourselves and try to spend as little time as possible outdoors anyhow, we must go out eventually, which is where various sunscreens step in. Harmful UV lights are pretty damaging to our skin, which is why the vast majority use these lotions, but our eyes also need protection, and quality sunglasses are simply a must.

Now, sunglasses also represent much more to us than just protection, as we care a lot about our style, and furthermore, not every size and shape suits us, which is why we all have our favorite pair. Of course, it’s not like we all live in some part of the country where we can wear sunglasses for most of the year, meaning that we need to place them somewhere safe as even a scratch can ruin them.

Yes, this may look like a fun summer topic, but since some sunglasses from renowned brands can cost a lot, taking great care of them should be our priority. One situation that almost always causes more trouble than benefit is when we clean them, and even though this may sound silly, there is a proper and wrong way to do so. Don’t believe us? Well, you will have to continue reading as we will further discuss this, highlight the actions that you should avoid at all costs while cleaning sunglasses, and present you with several tips on how to do it properly.

Make sure your hands are clean


It may look like we are stating the obvious, but it’s interesting how many people often overlook this fact. First of all, it’s not just about washing your hands, as it is more about drying them, which is something most forget, but can lead to leaving those stubborn marks on lenses. One drop of water can leave a dot that will annoy us, and we cannot remove it easily.

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Of course, the towel fabric also plays a huge role as you don’t want lint to get on the sunglasses, so just use non-lint towels. Once when it becomes your habit, it will be much easier to clean your sunglasses since prevention is the best option.

It’s all about rinsing

Yes, it’s all about rinsing, as no matter how many stains or what type they are, rinsing can and will solve them. Understandably, there is a right and wrong way to do so, and where most people make a mistake is when they just place sunglasses under the faucet without checking the water temperature and its pressure.

The right way to do so is to rinse them in warm (not hot!) water and make sure that the pressure is gentle. Besides the temperature and the pressure, we need to make sure that we rinsed our sunglasses at the beginning of the cleaning process to make sure how dirty they are, and in the end, to be sure that they are perfectly clean.

Gentle dishwasher liquid is the best cleanser


Many of us are searching for the best cleanser for our sunglasses, and there are many of the expensive ones on the market, but there is no better thing than gentle dishwasher liquid. It is not necessary to use a huge amount of this liquid, and all you should do is make sure that both sides of the lenses are covered with it. After that, you need to gently rub both lenses and the whole frame with this liquid and rinse them under the lukewarm water again. Since that is almost the last step in cleaning, make sure that it is done perfectly.

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Use the microfiber cloth

Once we washed and rinsed our sunglasses properly, the final step before wearing them is to dry them. It may look like a simple step, and many people think that it is enough to leave them to dry naturally, but the truth is a little different. If we decide to leave them to dry naturally, it may lead to the appearance of new marks and dots, and we need to start the whole process from the beginning. The best option is to use the microfiber cloth or any other non-lint one because it is the only way to avoid stubborn thin fibers that can stick on lenses.

Avoid glass cleaners and paper towels


It may sound like the best idea to use the glass cleaner to clean the lenses, but it is not. The sunglasses lenses are much different than regular glass, and they have layers that need to be treated carefully. These cleansers are too aggressive for gentle lenses, and they can easily damage them and create scratches and marks that cannot be removed. Another big mistake that many people make is using a paper towel to dry the lenses. Well, many of them do not expect that the paper towel will decompose and leave many marks and pieces that will stick to our lenses, and we cannot remove them.

Never use cloths for cleaning

The very first thing that we do when we notice some marks on our lenses is to use our T-shirt or sweater to clean it. By doing that, we will probably leave many marks on them if the lenses are wet. On the other side, if the lenses are dry, it is almost certain that our blouse or shirt will leave scratches on them, and once it happens, it is almost impossible to repair.

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Final thoughts

Taking certain steps is required in order to clean sunglasses properly, and these mentioned above will save you both time and money. It is not something that you will buy just once in your life, but it is also something that you probably wouldn’t want to buy every summer, and that is why proper cleaning and maintenance is a must. Of course, the sunglasses quality is also of great importance, so if you need any advice on how to find the right one for you, just visit and check their vast offer.

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Alexandria Palmer

Written by Alexandria Palmer