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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 4: What Fate Holds For Our Beloved Witch In The Rumored Last Season?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 premiered on Netflix on 26 October 2018.  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa created the show. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is based on the novel of the same name. The second season of the show premiered on Netflix on 5 April 2019 and the third season of the show premiered on 24 January 2024. The third season consist of 8 episodes. Fans are waiting for season 4 of the show. Here’s everything we know about season 4 of the show so far:

Release Date Of Season 4

In December 2018, Netflix renewed the show for 16 episodes. The episodes are divided into Parts 3 and 4, with Part 3 of the show releasing on Netflix in January 2024.

There is no official release date of part 4 of the show. But, it will take a little longer for season 4 to release as season 3 of the show was released on 24 January 2024.

By looking at the patter of the release date of earlier seasons, we expect season 4 of the show to release in late 2024 or early 2024.

Expected Plot Of Season 4

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 3 witness Sabrina going to the depths of Hell to save her boyfriend, whose body was enduring back the Dark Lord, aka Sabrina’s disgusting real father. The show elaborated on the show’s mythology, introducing fans to a whole new underworld. 

Sabrina could not just let the injustices happening in Hell go unchallenged, promising to bring new administration to Satan’s realm. The series took a theory from Avengers: Endgame playbook, which go in the past various timelines, following in two co-existing Sabrinas in the present day – one that controls Hell, and the other that returns to Greendale.

It’s unclear what will be the center of Part 4 of the show just yet, but showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said that Part 4 of the show would likely be ‘following both Sabrinas simultaneously going ahead.’

‘We are still filming and we are kind of down to our last few episodes of Part 4 of the show, which has been especially, really fun,’ he said. ‘Each part of season 4 has its own set of identity, and Part 4 is distinctive from Part 3, where a lot of it was set in Hell, we still have that. But each episode of Part 4 of the show is like its own mini horror film, which is exciting.’

There is no announcement that part 4 of the show will be the last season of the show. If there is any news about the conclusion of the show, we will be happy to update that for you.

Cast Of Season 4

Most of the main characters of the show are returning in season 4 of the show. These include Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman, Miranda Otto as Aunt Zelda, Lucy Davis as Aunt Hilda, Chance Perdomo as cousin Ambrose, Ross Lynch as Harvey Kinkle, Lachlan Watson as Theodore, Jaz Sinclair as Rosalind Walker, and Gavin Leatherwood as Nicholas.

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