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Camila Cabello Opened Up On Her Relationship, States: ‘Being In Love With Shawn Mendes Is Exhausting’

Camila Cabello Opened Up On Her Relationship, States: ‘Being In Love With Shawn Mendes Is Exhausting’!!!

Camila Cabello talked about how falling in love with Sean Mendes is more “exhausting” than anyone could have anticipated. The singer told in an interview about her relationship during an interview with Jimmy Hill at The Global Awards 2024. She admitted that she was not sure if the couple would work together on another couple in the future.

According to her statement, she wants more, and they both want more, but honestly, they are in our twenties and it’s enough for her. When asked if these schedules are too busy, to take the necessary time for collaboration.

She revealed that there is nothing like that being in love is so much exhausting, it takes you out of that according to Camila. 

After that, she revealed that they can’t even go to the studio, they can’t, yes. they’re trying to calm down but there is no result of that calmness they hold.

Camila revealed that everyone can guess, but at the same time, we will live our life, enjoy it and fall in love with each other as if no one was watching us. This is how she wants to live and she will always do it. Nor does she want to open the door to people, feel that they are involved.

According to Camila’s current statement, she wants him to be mine but this is the reason she so fed up because she wants to protect it. With Shawn recently flying more than 3000 miles to surprise Camila on her birthday, we can see why the couple could be affected by their romance, respectively.

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