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Brie Larson Being Eyed To Play Lady Blackhawk In DCEU

Brie Larson Being Eyed To Play Lady Blackhawk In DCEU!!! Here What We Know!!

Brie Larson’s career as Captain Marvel has made her one of the most beloved actresses in the industry right now and she seems to be looking for her for a major role in the studio’s biggest rival DCEU.

In the first solo effort led by women from the Mars Cinematic Universe, Larsen’s turn, as Carol Danvers, the most influential woman in the Mars Cinematic Universe, is an Air Force pilot from the 1990s who is being influenced by Tesract technology.

For her billion-dollar sequel, even the actress is unsure when Captain Marvel 2 will arrive.

And while many are wondering if the Academy Award winner will reappear in the MCU, another studio is interested in getting her to use another. disguise from a different comic editor.

According to our sources, the same as Viola Davis said she would be returning for the Suicide Squad sequel and a green lantern show on HBO Max, both of which have been confirmed, Warner Bros. Lady Larsen is reportedly considering the role of Blackhawk. DCEU The plan is to present the character in a solo movie or as a member of the JSA in a Black Adam film, and then play a bigger role in the franchise in the future.

Of course, we figured Larson won’t be the only actress for this part, but it would definitely be a good option. As well as at some point and given how fast the landscape can change in the MCU, Captain Marvel wouldn’t be crazy to end her career with him after 3.

Not to mention, Lady Blackhawk also has many similarities to Larson’s MCU character. Zinda Blake was a World War II pilot who is currently over and became a pilot for Oracle’s Birds of Prey. Sure, she’s more of a dark character, but Carroll was kind of like a Denver. And if there is an actress who can successfully bring the protagonist to the big screen, it will definitely be Larsen.

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