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Bride Recollects Her Wedding Day When Her Cousin’s Boyfriend Tried To Propose Her

An angry American bride has reported how a proposal nearly happened throughout her marriage reception without her consent. What’s more, some of her family members were furious at her for stopping it.

On Reddit, an American lady composed that before some months at her marriage, her cousin’s lover whom she’d only met one time before quickly took over the DJ’s microphone and asked the cousin over to propose.

Shocked, the bride quickly rushed over, told him to stop, and carried him away, leaving some of her family members, adding her grandmother, scolding her, and asking the man should be able to pop the question.

In 2019 on sep. 21, the bride got tied knot on Sunday. Among the guests was a cousin on her stepfather’s party, whom she is not close to ‘whatsoever.’ The cousin took her boyfriend of just six months, whom the bride hardly knew.

The marriage was going well when quickly, the cousin’s lover had all eyes on him. Understanding right away that he planned to propose, she ran over to stop him.

However, it is usually deemed bad behavior to propose at a wedding without specific consent from the newlyweds, the bride’s cousin was outraged.

Fortunately, the bride’s mother, father, stepfather, and stepmother were all supportive and both angry at the action of the cousin and her lover.

Furthermore, her grandmother told her she was wrong and ordered she apologizes and permits the proposal to take place.

Since if the marriage scene was not horrific enough, the cousin and her lover chose to get revenge on the woman for halting the proposal.

They announced on Christmas to the family that they’d be a wedding on September 21st, 2024, the new bride’s first anniversary, which also appears to be a Monday.

The bride had lots of support from other Redditors, who saw the act of the cousin and her boyfriend offensive.

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