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Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Fuel Reconciliation Rumors

After dating the ace footballer Christiano Ronaldo for five years, supermodel Irina Shayk found her love in Bradley Cooper. However, this relationship, too, could not succeed, and the couple.called its quits after four years of marriage. They even have a daughter who is just two years old.

Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk back In A Relationship?

Since then, rumors have taken to the social media that the couple, especially Irina, is still hoping to reconcile with Cooper and begin with their love life again. Further, the model has feelings for him, and she reminisces those good days and wants to start over their Once more. Not only this, there are speculations, the Cooper is also very much wanting the same and has feelings growing for Irina.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk
Source: Vanity Fair

Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Seen Together

All these rumors started fuelling up when ex-couple were reportedly seen many a time together spending time. But they forget that it was their daughter along with whom the former couple.was seen. Both the parents are making out time to spend with their daughter so that she isn’t left alone being just a two-year lad.

She doesn’t know what is happening around her and only requires that her parents are with her to shower their time, love, and care upon her. And this is precisely what the two are doing since they do not want that their sweet little angel to get affected in any manner because of their personal differences.

Nothing Is Clear As Of Now About Their Relationship

If reports are to be believed, many of the news personnel even had a word with someone close to both Bradley And Irina, and they clearly stated that neither of the two is into anything for each other. Also if they feel something for the other even now, it won’t work because of their past.sorrows from which it was difficult to come out.

And now it would be like jumping into the fire to go back and start ver everything. However, both of them still have respect for the other and are into good friendly terms, and there are no plans for the couple to come back together.

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