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Teenager And Other Three Found Dead Inside An Indiana Home

4 members of the family along with a teenager are discovered unresponsive

This weekend, four people were found dead in an Indiana mansion. Police interpreted this as an alleged homicide-suicide.

According to the sources, a friend of one of the victims broke into a house in Bloomington on Sunday and entered with a key when no one opened the door. Inside, an acquaintance discovered one of the dead victims in his bedroom and reportedly called the police.

All the victims died due to gunshot wounds

According to the reports, responding agents found four family members dead of apparent gunshot wounds.

Police said proves in the home “indicates that a 61-year-old man killed his 54-year-old wife, 26-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son before shooting himself.”

All the family members are not identified completely

Authorities have not yet publicly identified the victims and have not commented on a possible motive.

The investigation is still on. Officers are seeking help from neighbors, relatives, and family members. The suspect is not identified yet.

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