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Bobby Lashley Challenges Brock Lesnar! Match Of The Year Is Here!

Bobby Lashley has thrown a huge bombshell as WWE Universe fixes SummerSlam.The Dominator has called Brock Lassner for the Super Fight on Raw Underground.

Most Awaited WWE Fight Come Together

It all started with Lashley’s appearance on WWE Network’s The Bump. Noting that Lashley has legal experience in MMA, the interviewer asked him what his favorite underground opponents were. Lashley named three very strong contenders in Dolph Ziggler, Eric of the Viking Raiders, and Aleister Black.

However, the Brock Lesnar name was distinctive in his absence. One of the WWE fans decided to remind him of Lashley on Twitter. This was a fan’s dream scenario as it could possibly lay the groundwork for this long-awaited fight.
Lashley himself responded, giving Lesnar a formal challenge.

Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar has been a dream match for many Lashley and Lesnar are the only two WWE Superstars who consider themselves hardcore in both professional wrestling and MMA World. Although Lashley was never a UFC world champion like Lassner, his MMA record is more impressive than 15-2. Both superstars have had a similar career. They both started out as wrestlers, before making their mark in the world of combat sports.

Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley - WWE RAW 7/2/18 (2018) - YouTube

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Update of Monday night Raw

Needless to say, he was always booked as a monster in WWE. It is very rare for a WWE Superstar to compete with these giants in strength or ability. This raises the potential for mouth-watering amongst these titans. Coming to Raw Underground, the format is another great moment that solidifies its place on Monday Night Raw. Last week, the intersection of Shayna Buszler and Nia Jax gave us an insight into the potential of this concept Multiply that by 200 and you’ve got yourself a high-octane underground fight like Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lassner. It will be interesting to see if Brock responds to this huge challenge.

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