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PES 2024: What Difference Does Seasonal Update Will Make?

If we are talking about Sports simulation, there are several games that keep entertained with their mechanics. But if we talk about Football or Soccer, then only two names popped up in our head, FIFA and PES, the respective product of Ea and Konami came a long way and ruling their fanbase from almost two decades.

Pro Evolution Soccer is known for his realistic approach with the player’s face and appearance. However, from time to time, Konami also progressed in terms of gameplay and mechanics. So today, we are talking about PES 2024 and its features.

PES 2024

The biggest surprise made by PES is an alteration in bringing the next edition to the fans. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, PES offers a seasonal update this time than a full-fledged game. Hence the change is not surprising as its the best a company could do in such circumstances, and to minimize the workload, they brought this change.