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‘Big Bang Theory’ alums Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons Staff on new Fox comedy’Carla’

If a venture functions, there is no Shamy in teaming up .

In fact, there is no shame and no Shamy at a new humor only picked up with Fox which will unite the abilities of Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons but have nothing to do with their final comedy undertaking,”The Big Bang Theory.” Parsons and Bialik played with Sheldon and Amy, a few nicknamed Shamy.

Fox Has dedicated to”Carla,” a brand new, half-hour humor which will star Bialik and attribute both as executive producers. Much like”Big Bang,””Carla” will be filmed before a studio audience.

Bialik May play the title character, called”a 39-year-old lady who fights each day against her mum to show you can’t have whatever you need — and be pleased.” That is why she spends her parents saved for her wedding to start a kitty café at Louisville, Kentucky.

“Carla” is based on the BBC series”Miranda,” that Was made by Miranda Hart, who starred in the comedy. Darlene Hunt (“The Conners,””Great Girls Revolt”) will write and serve as executive producer.

In a statement, Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn clarifies”Carla” as a”large, wide” multicamera comedy with”a powerful female perspective.”

He calls it”a job with great potential which may Become the centerpiece of the humor masterpiece — and Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik coming into Fox Entertainment is clearly a huge portion of the equation.”

Parsons and Bialik shaped a fantastic comedy group on CBS hit”Big Bang,” which finished its 12-season run in May.

Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros.. Video, the house of”Big Bang,” will create the collection.

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