Top 5 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

There is an old proverb that says that the more languages you know, the bigger is your worth as a person. It can be misleading sometimes, but there is also a big truth there. Today, we live in multicultural societies, and no matter how much we love and respect our mother and native culture, personal development sometimes requires adapting to someone else’s culture, together with their language. A lot of people are moving abroad due to studies or work, and not every college or company offer the bilingual or multilingual option for foreigners. That means, before you book your ticket, you need to first book an online language class or some course you can visit, to learn it before you leave.

Knowing their local language has a huge benefit because you can adapt to the new environment from the very first day. You will be able to read their newspapers and news websites, books, and shop alone without asking for help. Probably, you’ve heard plenty of reasons why some people deny learning some language, and they are usually related to their subjective feelings or political relations between the two countries. But, it’s time to overcome those issues and see the opportunities the world is offering to us. Today, everything is global, and that means you aren’t stuck in your native country just because you have to do that. Everyone is able to learn new languages, become good at something, or move to a place that is more suitable for them.

And knowing the language in your new home is only beneficial for you – there are no disadvantages at all. Here are the top 5 benefits of learning a new language:

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1. You are becoming a part of that culture

Since the first class, you are starting to create a great connection with the native speakers, even though you still haven’t met some of them. We come from different cultures and religions, and speaking the same language can help us understand the differences better. Also, people who know at least one foreign language are able to communicate better and improve their chances for great choices in their personal or professional life. It opens a big door to the rest of the world. And one thing is so cool – knowing one foreign language makes you capable to learn at least one more. Also, you will build up lifetime relationships with the locals, and in the future, they will be a few friends more you can always count on.

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2. You have more options for studies abroad

Sometimes colleges abroad provide better-quality education than in your country, and that’s nothing to worry about. If you have an option to go there, don’t miss it because you don’t know the language. Choose the foreigners’ programs, so you can have time to take some course during the first months of your studies. Also, living in that country connects you to the locals, and you will be able to embrace their language and culture immediately, which will improve your performance at courses too. But, if you already know the language, you can immediately become an active part of that society.

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3. You have an access to more books and literature

This is related to studies too. Sometimes, you need additional literature to learn some subjects better, but some topics are too sensitive and there are not enough sources available online. But, have you tried searching for the same terms, but in the other language, you know. For example, if something is taboo in the USA, it may be a completely normal thing in Europe’s countries, and knowing a European language can help you easily access those books online. Have you already thought about this option, or you are still struggling with your native language? This is the best benefit of learning a foreign language, in our opinion.

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4. You have plenty of jobs open to you

Even though most of the world is already actively using English, sometimes, employers look for foreigners who know their language. It gives you plenty of options to work remotely for a foreign company, or to move to their country so you can extend your career, and build up your CV with relevant experience. For example, if you are a content writer fluent in English, can you imagine how better it can all be if you know German or French too since the demand is now pretty big. That can bring you more profit, and make you even better at writing since your skills will be stronger than ever.

Source: The Balance Careers

5. You improve your verbal skills and thinking capacity

Communication is the most important thing in our lives. We need to communicate every day, so we can understand what other people are looking for, but also share our knowledge and experience with them. Every language has a different approach to verbal communication, and once you adapt to a few of them, you will also be able to always choose the right words. And that, automatically, improves your thinking capacity. Who says that there is no benefit of knowing a few words in another language?

The bottom line

Surely, there are plenty of benefits of learning new things in your life. Foreign languages are literally food to your brain because you will develop thinking skills, improve multitasking, you will become a better listener, and will offer you a lot of options to meet and see the world. Also, you can improve your problem-solving skills, and become more flexible in finding proper solutions for particular issues. And as you get more creative in finding proper solutions for language issues, you are also getting more creative to resolve the problems in the real life. The communication and understanding benefit is also a great advantage of taking these courses.

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Our suggestion is not to think twice when it comes to learning new languages and being open to new cultures. There is no bad thing that can happen to you. You can only see plenty of benefits, and the main five of them are already listed in this article.

What do you think?

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