How To Make Your College Essay Stand Out – 2024 Guide

With college admissions numbers skyrocketing, it’s no surprise that your application essay is the first measure to determine whether you’re worth a slot in your desired program. However, not everyone can produce the type of essay that the admissions committee craves, so take this guide with you to start buffing up your essay-writing skills today!

Decide On An Impactful Title

Picking the right topic for your college essay is very important. Your title is the first thing that your reader sees and influences whether or not to keep reading, and seeing how a title is usually not a requirement, having one will definitely help you stand out!

Creating a title should be easy if you know what you want to say. Oftentimes, students don’t even realize how much importance their title plays in attracting readers. Writing down what you want to say can help shine some light on this issue and allow your brain to freely produce an engaging selection of titles.

Get Straight To The Point


No one wants to read a page-long dissertation about nothing, just like no one wants to read a 500-word intro to your essay. Tell the readers what’s in it for them right away when writing an essay. Tell them what stands out and why should they care about your work. Don’t get distracted by the minutia of your study or future plans.

Don’t Be Scared To Be Funny

When asked to write a personal statement essay for their academic future, scholars fear that their ideas will be overlooked, so they repeat the same old safe approach. Although this does work some of the time, it’s not surprising that students are still left wondering – what if my speech doesn’t leave enough of an impression?

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Humour can add immeasurably to your application essay. It can help you engage your reader and put some personality into your writing. It can also show others that you aren’t afraid to make a mistake or take a risk when doing so may lead you to find success in college.

Find Some Help Online

The college admissions process is gruelling and stressful, and because of this pressure, many college students can’t simply succeed at it by themselves. Therefore, they are looking for an essay writing service and there are a lot of options.

There’s an abundance of resources online that can help you craft your essay in the best possible way, and the best thing about them is they’ll only cost you a few bucks.

Stay True To Yourself


Sometimes, all students want is something to make their college essay stand out, yet nobody wants to reveal their personal and intimate experiences. If you want your essay to get you into your dream college, we’d recommend that you include some vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity in your writing. Instead of beating around the bush or being a straight-up clone of other applicants, just be yourself and show what makes you unique. That’ll get you in.


As you can see, we took a different approach to this guide. You already know the basics, and telling you to proofread your essays won’t do you any good. On the other hand, we hope these five unorthodox tips will.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane